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Relevant Actions
 NameDescriptionRequired Value Default
 idthe codec id for the target format.
 Yes VideoCodecs none
 b set bitrate (in bits/s) Yes int  0 
 bt set video bitrate tolerance (in bits/s) No int 0
 mv4 use four motion vector by macroblock  No Bool false
 obmc use overlapped block motion compensation (h263+) No Bool false
 qpel use 1/4 pel motion compensation No Bool false
 loop use loop filter No Bool false
 gmc use gmc No Bool false
 mv0 always try a mb with mv=<0,0> No Bool  false
 part use data partitioning No Bool false
 gray only decode/encode grayscale No Bool false
 naq normalize adaptive quantization No Bool false
 ildct use interlaced dct No Bool false
 low_delay force low delay No Bool false
 alt enable alternate scantable (mpeg2/mpeg4) No Bool false
 global_header place global headers in extradata instead of every keyframe No Bool false
 bitexact use only bitexact stuff (except (i)dct) No Bool false
 aic h263 advanced intra coding / mpeg4 ac prediction No Bool false
 umv use unlimited motion vectors No Bool false
 cbp use rate distortion optimization for cbp No Bool false
 qprd use rate distortion optimization for qp selection No Bool false
 aiv h263 alternative inter vlc No Bool false
 slice  No Bool false
 ilme interlaced motion estimation No Bool false
 scan_offset will reserve space for svcd scan offset user data No Bool false
 cgop closed gop No Bool  false
 me_method set motion estimation method No MeMethod epzs
 g set the group of picture size   
 cutoff set cutoff bandwidth   
 qcomp video quantizer scale compression (VBR)   
 qblur video quantizer scale blur (VBR)   
 qmin min video quantizer scale (VBR)   
 qmax max video quantizer scale (VBR)   
 qdiff max difference between the quantizer scale (VBR)   
 bf use 'frames' B frames   
 b_qfactor qp factor between p and b frames   
 rc_strategy ratecontrol method   
 b_strategy strategy to choose between I/P/B-frames   
 wpredp weighted prediction analysis method   
 ps rtp payload size in bytes   
 lelim single coefficient elimination threshold for luminance (negative values also consider dc coefficient)   
 celim single coefficient elimination threshold for chrominance (negative values also consider dc coefficient)   
 strict how strictly to follow the standards  Strict 
 b_qoffset qp offset between P and B frames   
 mpeg_quant use MPEG quantizers instead of H.263   
 qsquish how to keep quantizer between qmin and qmax (0 = clip, 1 = use differentiable function)   
 rc_qmod_amp experimental quantizer modulation   
 rc_qmod_freq experimental quantizer modulation   
 rc_eq set rate control equation   
 maxrate set max video bitrate tolerance (in bits/s)   
 minrate set min video bitrate tolerance (in bits/s)   
 bufsize set ratecontrol buffer size (in bits)   
 rc_buf_aggressivity currently useless   
 i_qfactor qp factor between P and I frames   
 i_qoffset qp offset between P and I frames   
 rc_init_cplx initial complexity for 1-pass encoding   
 dct DCT algorithm  Dct 
 lumi_mask compresses bright areas stronger than medium ones   
 tcplx_mask temporal complexity masking   
 scplx_mask spatial complexity masking   
 p_mask inter masking   
 dark_mask compresses dark areas stronger than medium ones   
 idct select IDCT implementation  IDct 
 pred prediction method  Pred 
 aspect sample aspect ratio  Rational 
 cmp     full pel me compare function  CmpFunctions 
 subcmp sub pel me compare function  CmpFunctions 
 mbcmp macroblock compare function  CmpFunctions 
 ildctcmp interlaced dct compare function  CmpFunctions 
 dia_size diamond type & size for motion estimation   
 last_pred amount of motion predictors from the previous frame   
 preme pre motion estimation   
 precmp pre motion estimation compare function  CmpFunctions 
 pre_dia_size diamond type & size for motion estimation pre-pass   
 subq sub pel motion estimation quality   
 me_range limit motion vectors range (1023 for DivX player)   
 ibias intra quant bias   
 pbias inter quant bias   
 coder   Coder 
 context context model   
 mbd macroblock decision algorithm (high quality mode)  MBD 
 sc_threshold scene change threshold   
 lmin min lagrange factor (VBR)   
 lmax max lagrange factor (VBR)   
 nr noise reduction   
 rc_init_occupancy number of bits which should be loaded into the rc buffer before decoding starts   
 fast allow non spec compliant speedup tricks  Bool 
 sgop strictly enforce gop size  Bool 
 noout skip bitstream encoding  Bool 
 local_header place global headers at every keyframe instead of in extradata  Bool 
 bpyramid allows B-frames to be used as references for predicting  Bool 
 wpred weighted biprediction for b-frames (H.264)  Bool 
 mixed_refs one reference per partition, as opposed to one reference per macroblock  Bool 
 dct8x8 high profile 8x8 transform (H.264)  Bool 
 fastpskip fast pskip (H.264)  Bool 
 aud access unit delimiters (H.264)  Bool 
 skiprd RD optimal MB level residual skipping  Bool 
 ivlc intra vlc table  Bool 
 drop_frame_timecode   Bool 
 non_linear_q use non linear quantizer  Bool 
 reservoir use bit reservoir  Bool 
 mbtree use macroblock tree ratecontrol (x264 only)  Bool 
 psy use psycho visual optimization  Bool 
 intra_refresh use periodic insertion of intra blocks instead of keyframes  Bool 
 qns quantizer noise shaping   
 mb_threshold macroblock threshold   
 dc intra_dc_precision   
 nssew nsse weight   
 skip_threshold frame skip threshold   
 skip_factor frame skip factor   
 skip_exp frame skip exponent   
 skipcmp frame skip compare function  CmpFunctions 
 border_mask increases the quantizer for macroblocks close to borders   
 mblmin  min macroblock lagrange factor (VBR)   
 mblmax max macroblock lagrange factor (VBR)   
 mepc motion estimation bitrate penalty compensation (1.0 = 256)   
 bidir_refine refine the two motion vectors used in bidirectional macroblocks   
 brd_scale downscales frames for dynamic B-frame decision   
 crf enables constant quality mode, and selects the quality (x264/VP8)   
 cqp constant quantization parameter rate control method   
 keyint_min minimum interval between IDR-frames   
 refs reference frames to consider for motion compensation   
 chromaoffset chroma qp offset from luma   
 bframebias influences how often B-frames are used   
 trellis rate-distortion optimal quantization   
 directpred direct mv prediction mode - 0 (none), 1 (spatial), 2 (temporal), 3 (auto)   
 complexityblur reduce fluctuations in qp (before curve compression)   
 deblockalpha in-loop deblocking filter alphac0 parameter   
 deblockbeta in-loop deblocking filter beta parameter   
 partitions  macroblock subpartition sizes to consider  Partitions 
 sc_factor multiplied by qscale for each frame and added to scene_change_score   
 b_sensitivity adjusts sensitivity of b_frame_strategy 1   
 timecode_frame_start GOP timecode frame start number, in non drop frame format   
 psy_rd specify psycho visual strength   
 psy_trellis specify psycho visual trellis   
 aq_mode specify aq method   
 aq_strength specify aq strength   
 rc_lookahead specify number of frames to look ahead for frametype   
 crf_max in crf mode, prevents vbv from lowering quality beyond this point   
 nitris_compat encode with Avid Nitris compatibility   
 resize_fnct scaler/cpu flags  ResizeFunctions 

    "id": "libx264",
    "qscale": "4",
    "b": 250,
    "coder": "0",
    "psnr": "0",
    "loop": "0",
    "cmp": "chroma",
    "me_method": "esa",
    "parti8x8": "0",
    "parti4x4": "0",
    "partp4x4": "0",
    "partp8x8": "0",
    "partb8x8": "0",
    "subq": "8",
    "me_range": "16",
    "g": "250",
    "cqp": "0",
    "keyint_min": 150,
    "sc_threshold": "40",
    "i_qfactor": "0.71",
    "b_strategy": "1",
    "qcomp": "0.6",
    "qmin": "2",
    "qmax": "51",
    "qdiff": "4",
    "bf": "3",
    "refs": "16",
    "directpred": "3",
    "trellis": "0",
    "wpred": "1",
    "mixed_refs": "1",
    "dct8x8": "1",
    "fastpskip": "1",
    "wpredp": "2",
    "picture_frame_size": "720p",
    "time_base": "1/25",
    "global_header": "1",
    "width": "320",
    "height": "240",
    "time_base_sel": "1/25",
    "frame_size": "240x120",
    "multipass": 0,
    "maxrate": 300,
    "minrate": 200,
    "bt": 50,
    "bufsize": "500",
    "crf": "0",
    "bframebias": "0",
    "bpyramid": false,
    "deblockalpha": "0",
    "deblockbeta": "0",
    "b_qfactor": "0.0",
    "chromaoffset": "0.0",
    "complexityblur": "20",
    "qblur": "0.5",
    "aq_mode": "1",
    "intra_refresh": "0",
    "mbtree": "0",
    "rc_lookahead": "0"