Error Codes

Common Response Status Codes

The API returns a variety of HTTP status codes such as 200 OK or an error code that describe the nature of the error. Error responses also include a string in the response body with a message describing the error. There are cases such as a badly formed payload that may return status codes like 400 Bad Request or 500 Server Error, which have been produced outside of the Squeeze Server API handlers. In these cases, an HTML webpage describing the error may be returned.

 Status Code Status Description
 200 OK The request was accepted and completed successfully
 304 Not Modified The resource was not changed as a result of the request
 400 Bad RequestA required parameter was not specified or your request was otherwise improperly formed. See the body of the error response for more details. (For additional information on required parameters, see the  documentation for each API.)
 401 Unauthorized The authentication credentials are not valid or expired
 403 Forbidden Insufficient rights to access the resource
 404 Not Found The requested resource does not exist
 409 Conflict An attempt was made to update a resource that would cause it to conflict with another resource.
 500 Server Error The request was successfully understood, but it could not be processed due to a server error. Please try your request again later.