API Response Structure

Structure of the Response

In response to a Query request, the service returns a JSON data structure.
The structure of a JSON response is specific to the associated request.
In general, the response data types are named according to the operation performed and whether the data type is a container (can have children). Examples of containers include video for video groups and profile for Profiles (see the example that follows). Item elements are children of containers, and their contents vary according to the container's role.
Every Media Encoding Cluster response includes a request ID in a requestId element. The value is a unique string that MEC assigns. 

If you ever have issues with a particular request, MEC Support will ask for the request ID to help troubleshoot the issue.
This should only happen when you use the API from encoding service on http://encodingcluster.com

The following shows an example response.
    "status": "ok",
    "message": "",
    "requestID": "17f33994-4e5f-11e1-9de7-0023ae8ddf40"